Dem, was andere schon sagten, kann ich nichts Neues hinzufügen; zudem bin ich kein begabter Poet. Ich gebe nicht vor, anderen von Nutzen zu sein: Um meinen eigenen Geist zu üben, habe ich dieses Werk verfaßt.


Radio Orchidee

There’s an old lady living in an old house
Since her husband died she hasn’t been out
She lives in her own world with her own little nightmares
And she stopped counting the days

She buys a radio station with her husbands legacy
She does her own show ten hours a day
Plays poems and listens let’s feelings run free
Helps people talk the pain away

So if your world falls down
Can’t see the light of day
Call the lady call the station today

This is radio orchid listen and cry
To all the others that suffer and die
This is radio orchid listen and cry
Take your lonely heart and let it fly

Sending her message she’s solving the problems
Of millions and millions but who solves hers?
The old lady gets older still lives in the old house
But when she dies we’ll all live alone

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